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Winter Wedding Tips

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

With the colder weather coming in, it is important to prioritize your guests comfort. Hopefully these tips will help you stay cozy on your winter wedding day!

Let's talk about the budget!

Don't assume winter is cheaper because it is off season. Venues often do advertise off season rates and some vendors do as well in their slower seasons, so in some ways you can save money, but things like heat and florals can cost more in the winter months. If you are planning on a winter wedding factor in heat to your budget and consider which florals are in season.

Heat it up!

It is always a good idea to offer indoor waiting for children and the elderly, as well as some type of heat source for outside events. Also, securing walls for a tent help protect not only your guests from the elements, but your décor as well on windy days. A basket of blankets can be sourced from family heirlooms or purchased in bulk as gifts. Hand warmers are also a nice toasty treat.

Have a place set up for boots and coats during the reception so people aren’t tripping over their things on the way to the dancefloor. It also makes your pictures look neater when jackets and boots are out of the way. Or hire someone to help manage your guests items or use a family member as a hostess or greeter during the evening for these extra items that will be brought with them.

The sun goes down earlier in the winter months so your timeline must reflect that! Having a first look and pictures beforehand can help you to feel less stressed. If you are doing pictures after the ceremony, bring a coat and nice boots for walking to and from photos. It's also important to prioritize your photographer and make sure they aren’t freezing. Wedding dresses and suits are often warmer than the guests' outfits so always assume the people around you are colder than you.

Plan Ahead!

Because your wedding is around the holidays, it is better to send save the dates earlier. Holiday time travel can also be more expensive for your guests. Send this information out as soon as possible so people can plan for the gathering.

It is always a good plan to get wedding insurance in case of a big winter storm. Always communicate with your venue and planner about your goals in case there is a big storm. Prepare for the worst-case scenario because if you have a plan,

You will be less stressed and overwhelmed. and when it doesn’t happen the way you want you at least have a plan.

Do your research on winter flowers. Dried florals often complement the winter aesthetic you are looking to achieve and are available year round!

Extra Winter Wedding Ideas:

- Create ornaments out of place cards

- Have hot cocoa, mulled wine, or a coffee station

- Dessert bars are perfect for winter weddings!



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