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Each event is as unique as you

Each event is as unique as you


East coast planner with an eye for design

Each wedding is as individual as the couple getting married. At Amanda K Events & Designs, we specialize in making your wedding a unique day designed with you in mind. With over 10 years of experience in the wedding  & event planning industry, Amanda and her team bring your wedding vision and dreams to life one day at a time.

Our full service service follows all of the phases of the wedding planning process:


01. Budgeting

Determining your event budget is the first step in the planning process. To start the full experience, Amanda will sit down with you as a client to determine budgeting needs. Without a budget, no event will be successful.

02. Design

Designing a wedding and curating the guest experience is the most exciting part of wedding planning. This service is tailored to the client and designed with you in mind. You will answer a wedding questionnaire to help Amanda design and curate your wedding aesthetic from start to finish.

03. Vendor Curation

Each wedding is not only designed with you in mind, but your vendor team is curated with a dedication to excellence and selected with your event day in mind. Amanda selects vendors based on your needs and desires, but also with her industry knowledge and expertise. 

04. Timeline Creation

After details are dreamed up, they must be thoughtfully planned and executed. With this phase, we will discuss everything from the moment the day begins until the last vendor leaves. And unlike you, Amanda is the last person out the door at every event. You can trust your event is in good hands. 

06. Post- Production

After the event is over, Amanda will first of all congratulate you on a beautiful day filled with memories and love. However, she will also ensure that all vendor contracts are fulfilled and obligations are abided by so you can enjoy the rest of your life.


05. Event Execution

On wedding day, it is important to have someone on your team from the get go. From the time Amanda and her team arrive onsite, to the time the last vendor leaves, Amanda is there to make sure you have the stress-free event of your dreams.

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