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End of Summer Blues

Summer is usually a time off for me to rest and relax, a time to get recharged for the fall and get back in the groove of things before the coming storm of work and weddings. This summer was different. I didn't complete my usual summer projects or summer sleep in like I wished. However, I did see old friends, travel to new places, and have a great time. Even though it may have not been the most relaxing summer, it was still a beautiful experience with friends and my loves. Enjoy these photos from summer 2019.

The new Queen of Miami:

South Beach:

Downtown Miami:


Sassy Sailin':

The Wedding of the Summer

Ellen & Phillip:

I hope your summer was as adventurous as mine. I am so grateful for the friends and memories. Bring on Fall 2019!



Special Thanks to Kristina Karina Photography for the beautiful professional photos on South Beach, Miami.

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