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Finding the Good in Quarantine

Back in February, things were bright and shiny. 2020 was a fresh start, a new decade, a hope for a bright and successful year. I flew to Italy at the start of the year in hopes of future travels, and then the rumors of Covid-19 were circulating the airplane, but on my return it seemed things turned south and here we are in June and I haven't been too much further than my back yard as many of you have.

However, it may not seem like a successful year for weddings and wedding planning, I have to say I have had an extremely successful year thus far and I am using this six month check in to update you all on what I have been doing in quarantine and count my blessings because funny enough, I am super grateful for this time.

First, while many of my events have been rescheduled to later dates, I am still super pumped to plan all of your big celebrations. I also want to remind you of the amazing story you get to tell your grandkids about the time you fell in love during quarantine. All those sweet little Italian ladies that have been telling us stories of the Spanish flu in 1918 will be you one day, but you get to tell the story of how your love was not cancelled.

I have been lucky enough to spend lots of time with my husband Ryan and our dog and cat. We have grown stronger in our love and have had more meals together in these last three months than our first three years of marriage. We generally work opposite schedules and are go, go, go people. So for us, this has been a time to slow down and enjoy loving each other. We have snuck in visits with other family and friends, but most days, it's just us.

Gardening has been my escape from a busy computer filled day and a break from screens. I have intentionally stopped everything I am doing some days to go outside and water my plants and they look better than ever. Gardening has also always been a love of mine. I feel at peace when I can make something beautiful grow. Plus, fresh herbs on fresh pizza taste amazing.

I know many of us have become chefs during quarantine, but usually Ryan and I eat to-go food or anything that can be heated in a microwave, so I feel like this time has allowed me to explore other quick options and cook more than ever. I also can't wait to eat more garden delights!

My book list has grown. Often at night, I turn on a folk station on Alexa and curl up with Fox and a good book. No need for too many screens and I have been able to read more than ever! Reading not only has been great for my soul it has also opened my eyes to many of the social justice issues going on in the world. I know that these issues can seem overwhelming, but it is important that we as people support and learn about each other. Reading a book can be relaxing and informing at the same time! My most recent read is The Patron Saints of Nothing which is about the Philippines and the issues there. And while it is not entirely a happy novel, it is a travel story as well, and many of the scenes make it feel like you are there! So even though we can't travel, we can enjoy a good book!

Updating policies and documents for my business. This has been the one step that I feel gets put on the back burner during the peak of wedding season, holiday season, and all the other seasons in between. While I haven't updated you here or blogged, I have spent this time developing new services for clients to make the experience with Amanda K Events & Designs something memorable.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this year and all of the things going on, write all the good things down that have happened this year even if it is the tiniest list. I know there has been a lot of hurt and pain this year and I know I am super privileged to have these experiences. I just hope that in all of the pain you have been feeling, you can also find some good and a little bit of the love around you.

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