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Hair and Makeup Tips for your Wedding Day

I know you wake up flawless every morning, but your wedding morning is special occasion! Use these tips to stay flawless on your wedding day:

  • Get some rest girl! I know the rehearsal dinner is an exciting time and the wine is free flowing, but you should avoid staying up too late and drinking much on the night before your wedding. Make you look puffy and swollen in the morning. Try to listen to a calming story before bed and turn off your screen around 10 o’clock. I know the wedding jitters are real and it’s going to be hard to sleep, but the more sleep you get, the better off you will be. Hair and makeup also starts early, so be prepared for an early morning!

  • Avoid alcohol if you can. I have had clients who drink too much and regret it come wedding day or evening. Yes, it is a celebration and alcohol is a part of that, but limit yourself in the evening before and morning of to no more than 1-2 drinks. This can help with more than just hair and makeup. Alcohol can increase anxiety and you often don’t eat enough in the morning of your wedding.

  • Have all your waxing and skin appointments scheduled a week or two before your wedding. Skin treatments can irritate the skin making you look red and swollen. Work with  regular facial specialist to help create a schedule before your wedding. This will also help you wind down, reduce stress, and relax! 

  • Clean your hair! You may have heard dirty hair is better for styling, but really clean hair is best. Wash the night before and a professional hair stylist will have all the tools to give your hair the texture it needs. Clean hair holds products better.

  • Wear something that opens in the front like a robe or button up shirt. This advice is tried and true, but I couldn’t exclude it for those who have never heard it! 

  • Pick out a lipstick you love. Lipstick will be applied in the morning by your makeup artist, but they may not stay for touch ups throughout the day unless you add that to your service. Have your maid of honor or trusted family member help you keep up with lipstick.

Hopefully, this guide will help you when planning your hair and makeup schedule for the big wedding day! 


Hair and Makeup: Kaitlyn Elizabeth Styling

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