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Sophisticated & Sweet Wedding at Cadillac Service Garage

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

When I first met Ayana and Justin, they seemed like the most sophisticated duo. They were so kind, structured, and put together. And they matched each other's energy perfectly. I knew right away we would hit it off and their wedding day would be absolutely perfect despite the fact that they forgot the marriage license at home and the fire alarm went off!

Mishaps like this are bound to happen, but they make your day so memorable and even fun! We joked that they were so hot the fire department showed up. The marriage license was a bit more stressful, but they were able to come to terms with that and still enjoy the day.

This wedding also featured one of the largest bridal parties ever, but such fun getting ready photos came of it! I hope you enjoy looking at this inspiration for your own sophisticated, modern love story.

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