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What's Trending in Weddings this Year?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

We are 8 months into the year, August is also nearly over... can you believe it!?! This year, weddings trends have shifted since 2019 due to a pandemic and the ever changing world! Which of these trends have you seen this year? Which ones should stay? What should go?

Inclusive Wedding Lingo & Terminology:

Wedding havers this year(and the past few) have been more inclined to use gender-neutral terms when referring to themselves and their guests! The former Bride and Groom are more commonly being announced as “The happy couple…” followed by both names as opposed to only having the groom's name.

When addressing guests we’ve seen announcements welcoming “wedding goers”, “ladies, gentlemen, and gentle persons”, etc. It is a comforting thing to see everyone included! Along with the inclusive terminology, it is become more popular for clothing to be less gender binary. Brides are wearing tuxedos or jumpsuits they’re more comfortable in, and men are wearing skirts or even heels!


Good news if you’re not comfortable in white, brides have been wearing black, pink, red, all sorts of colors! Afraid of being bold? Pick out a reception dress in your favorite color and opt for a traditional white, cream or Ivory for the ceremony.

Patterns and florals are also making an appearance. Patterns add personality to a white backdrop and can complement the overall aesthetic and theme of your day. There are so many color choices to choose from for those who love color and for those who are too afraid to buck at traditions.

Cottage Core

This trend is for those who love feeling like the main character in a classic romance! We are talking Jane Austin, Bridgerton, and even classics as epic as Lord of the Rings.

Bringing the natural in is a great way to play up this trend. Think creamy neutrals, floral detailed dresses, fairy sleeves, long flowing wavy hair. Candles are a must to bring in the romantic feel.


It’s becoming more popular to have a live artist painting a scene during the wedding or reception that creates a timeless keepsake from your wedding day. Or you may have a custom piece created as a part of a ceremony backdrop.

It’s also becoming more on trend to preserve your bouquets in a fun way like using a shadow box or a tasteful resin mold. This is a way to have a fun keepsake for your wedding and memory of your day.

Check out this featured wedding inspiration that is featured in Zola.

Trends like these are impactful and classic. I don't foresee them going out any time soon. The small touches these trends make can really make your day that much more memorable.

Vendors featured in photos:

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