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Which Vendors Should You Book First?

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

As we begin the process of planning your wedding, we will discuss which vendors are essential first. Amanda K Events & Designs curates a custom list of vendors just for you and your wedding day based on your needs, location, and budget. These vendors are the vendors you should consider booking as soon as possible.

The Planner

If you’ve already started planning your wedding or maybe you’ve only gotten as far as the Pinterest board from eighth grade. There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. You need a venue, photographer, food, colors, rentals, a dress or suit, music, and every little thing that matters to you. What better way to keep off some of that stress than asking a professional wedding planner? We are here to help you! Everything you want set up will be there. We set up an itinerary for you that works with your wedding and help everyone stick to it! It’s our job to introduce you to vendors we know and trust. Whether it be a unique cake, the perfect photographer or just somewhere to buy your shoes, we give you options and you get to lead the way without doing all the grunt work. Waiting until the last minute because you feel like you have things handled here may keep you from finding your true wedding bestie! Book your planner first and things will fall into place.

The Venue

The Venue is an essential first step. Venue shopping can be fun and set the tone and mood of your wedding day. Where you will get married will determine how many guests you can invite, the vendors you will need, and more! Will you need a tent, tables, chairs? Will you be allowed to use outside vendors? Will you have someone onsite to help if you run out of essentials? The venue can make or break an event and finding the perfect one is like finding a home for your wedding. This certainly needs to be booked at minimum a year out as venues tend to be booked one year in advance.

The Photographer & Videographer Having pictures to remember your happiest day is so important. Even if you aren’t a picture person, your wedding day is something your children and grandchildren or your nieces and nephews will want to see! It’s important to find someone who makes you comfortable, heard, and knows what they are doing! It’s always a good idea to book a mini session with your photographer before the big day so you know you will be happy with the way YOU look. From getting ready, walking down the aisle, first dance, to your exit it’s so nice to have the pictures to look back on! Oftentimes your wedding day is so busy and you are so full of nerves it seems like a blur. That being said it is helpful to find a photographer who fits your needs and knows how to be professional and work for you!

The videographer is equally important as the photographer. The wedding video will truly help you relive your big day. The video makes the memories to come alive! It is important to hire a professional here because you don't want your video looking like your day was captured on your grandma's old camcorder. Videographers know how to not only shoot wedding films but how to edit the video to tell a cohesive story.

The Music

Whether it be live music during the ceremony, a DJ during the reception or just someone to play music while you walk down the aisle… it’s always best to go with a professional. There’s nothing worse than a Spotify ad in the middle of a reception or even worse the song you downloaded isn’t playing off your phone on the loud speakers because the service at your venue wasn’t what you were expecting. You might not think it makes that big of a difference, but when you aren’t trying to get your phone to load, and instead have someone there with the sole purpose of playing the songs you chose at the right time, makes all the difference. There are DJs who will do ceremony music and work with your planner to make your timeline announcements for you! Or you may opt for making your guests feel invited with ceremony musicians. Plus, you won't have to scream over your guests to be heard. DJs come with microphones and speakers for both your ceremony and reception. Booking this vendor will certainly make your day run smoother.

Hopefully, this list will get you started with your planning process. Hiring vendors can be the most stressful stage of planning, but it is necessary and worth it. Let us help you with a curated list just for you.

With Love,


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